Wednesday, November 24, 2010

|SPOILER| Será que Mashburn ainda têm chances de voltar à série?

Se você esperava um "sim" como resposta, é melhor tirar seu cavalinho da chuva, pelo menos por precaução. Walter Mashburn voltou em Red Hot e conseguiu de Teresa Lisbon o que nenhum outro havia conseguido na série (em respeito às crianças, não vamos entrar em detalhes). Mas será que ele retorna? Segundo Bruno Heller, é um tanto quanto improvável que isso aconteça, pelo menos nesta temporada. O que aconteceu no episódio deve mesmo ter parado por ali, nada mais além. O autor ainda cita pequenos detalhes da personalidade da agente. Confira o último Mega Buzz:


The return of Walter Mashburn on The Mentalist, was pure awesome — and not just because he and Lisbon got down and dirty! Is he due to make another appearance this season? — Rachel

ADAM: That doesn't seem to be in the cards, Rachel. "Probably not this year," creator Bruno Heller tells us, noting that Mashburn's fling with Lisbon was likely just that. "Lisbon is a very unsentimental character. As she indicated at the end of that episode, she's happy to have a bit of human contact, but she's kind of a lone wolf in that respect. It just shows that there is a softer side to her and she needs love and companionship like anyone else, but then she just moves on," he says.

Créditos: TV Guide.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

|PRESS RELEASE| 3.10 - Jolly Red Elf


Pruitt Taylor Vince ("Deadwood") Guest Stars as J.J. LaRoche, an Investigator with the Professional Standards Unit

Gregory Itzin ("24") Returns as Retired CBI Director Virgil Minelli

"Jolly Red Elf" - The CBI pursues two lines of investigation when a Santa is murdered: Patrick Jane goes undercover in an AA group; and Rigsby and Van Pelt question members of an authentic Santa society. Meanwhile, following the demise of a person in custody at the CBI, J.J. LaRoche (guest star Pruitt Taylor Vince) is brought in to question the team when it appears to be an inside job, on THE MENTALIST, Thursday, Dec. 9 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Gregory Itzin ("24") returns as retired CBI Director Virgil Minelli.


Patrick Jane................................. Simon Baker
Teresa Lisbon............................. Robin Tunney
Kimball Cho...................................... Tim Kang
Wayne Rigsby......................... Owain Yeoman
Grace Van Pelt....................... Amanda Righetti


Madeleine Hightower................ Aunjanue Ellis
J.J. LaRoche........................ Pruitt Taylor Vince
Lailah......................................... Marisa Bernal
May...................................... Megan Gallagher
Virgil Minelli................................ Gregory Itzin
Bernard Ripple................................... Biff Wiff
Roxy............................................ Angela Gots
Santa Bob....................................... Peter Xifo
Santa Tony................................... Matt Cates
Dr. Jack Wilder.................. David Alan Basche
First Officer................................ Todd Jeffries
Female Manager......................... Sarah Adina

WRITTEN BY: Daniel Cerone

DIRECTED BY: John Showalter

Créditos: CBS Press Express

Monday, November 22, 2010

S03E09 - Red Moon

Se você disser que não levou ao menos um susto nesse episódio, das duas uma: ou você está mentindo ou não é humano. Bruno Heller, que não assinava um episódio desde a Season Premiere, contou com a ajuda de Simon Baker na direção para colocar ainda mais dúvidas na cabeça dos fãs. "Ele" está por toda a parte, não é mesmo? Assim sendo, com Red Moon, a série melhorou um pouco na audiência e continuou liderando a noite. Agora The Mentalist só volta em 9 de dezembro para seu último episódio no ano, com a chegada de um novo personagem e com os sinos natalinos tocando pra se despedir de 2010. Enquanto Jolly Red Elf não chega, surpreenda-se com Red Moon:

3.09 – Red Moon [RMVB – 183MB – Legendado]


3.08 – Red Moon [AVI – 350mb – Sem legenda]

SCREENCAPS – 3.09 – Red Moon

Arquivo: rar
Tamanho: 409MB
Quantidade: 2442 imagens [jpg]
Medida: 640x360px
Qualidade: Alta

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

|NOTÍCIA| The Mentalist em Paris e crossover com CSI?

De acordo com o artigo publicado pelo TF1, há possibilidade de um dos episódios da quinta temporada ser gravado em Paris. Diz Bruno Heller, criador da série, em um entrevista para revista francesa Télé 7 jours. Não passa de especulação, mas quem sabe Patrick Jane, Teresa Lisbon e Cia. não vão parar na Cidade Luz? E que tão um crossover com o companheiro de emissora e dia, o famoso CSI? Esperemos. Confira a notinha postada e traduzida do francês para o inglês por Mary, do nosso parceiro Robin's Green Shades


The Mentalist: an episode shot in Paris?

Bruno Heller, creator of The Mentalist, which is currently airing on TF1, says that there is a possibility that the show will be shot in Paris.

"I think that we'll go in Paris for Season 5. It's not impossible, from a money point of view", says Heller.

Heller also rules out the possibility of having French actors Audrey Tautou and Jean-Paul Belmondo on set, it would be too expensive. But, he says that Antony Hopkins could be a guest on the show, if he will agree.

Heller also said that he would love the idea of a crossover with CSI, saying that it would be possibile since it airs on CBS as well.


Créditos e agradecimentos (Thanks to): TF1 e Robin's Green Shades.

Friday, November 19, 2010

|SPOILER| Quem é o cúmplice de Red John no CBI?

Depois de Red Moon a dúvida ficou no ar: será que Red John tem alguém infiltrado no CBI? E quem é essa pessoa? Quando a série voltar da primeira pausa da temporada, em 9 de dezembro, J.J. Laroche, um agente especialmente designado para investigar a última morte dentro dos domínios do CBI, vai deixar todo mundo com a pulga atrás da orelha ao suspeitar de três, até então, fieis escudeiros de Jane: Rigsby, Van Pelt e Cho. Com certeza muita desconfiança e intriga vai ameaçar a relação dessa equipe. E parece que a convivência de Jane com o novo agente não será muito amistosa. Confira o artigo da TV Guide sobre o assunto:

Pruitt Taylor Vince e Simon Baker
Por William Keck

With CBI rocked by a violent Red John-related death on last night's episode of The Mentalist, Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) will now have to contend with the possibility that one of his trusted teammates had a hand in the murder. Enter Special Agent J.J. Laroche (Murder One Emmy winner Pruitt Taylor Vince), who arrives December 9 to launch an investigation into suspects Rigsby (Owain Yeoman), Van Pelt (Amanda Righetti) and Cho (Tim Kang).

Beginning in January, "each will fall under suspicion and be looked at during the course of various episodes," teases executive producer Tom Szentgyorgyi. The intense probing will uncover secrets about the team and threaten to destroy the Rigsby/Cho/Van Pelt dynamic.

Will one of the three be found guilty of the murder — and have ties to Red John? "I can neither confirm nor deny — I can't even approach that," says Szentgyorgyi. But he does reveal, "In 2011, the investigation will take a startling turn and the team will change dramatically."

Créditos: TV Guide.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

|FOTOS PROMOCIONAIS| Terceira Temporada

Confira várias fotos promocionais em alta resolução de alguns episódios já exibidos da terceira temporada na nossa Galeria:

Créditos: Pizquita

|SPOILER| Red John tem um cúmplice no CBI?


Por Adam Bryant

Fans of The Mentalist are not going to want to miss the final moments of Thursday's episode.

"There's probably the biggest shock ending we've ever put up on the screen," creator Bruno Heller tells "I think people will be intrigued and surprised by the whole episode."

The episode finds Patrick Jane (Simon Baker, who also directed the episode) and the rest of the CBI investigating a triple homicide in small rural town. Further digging by Jane and Lisbon (Robin Tunney) reveals the killings are the work of serial cop killer. John Billingsley guest-stars as a self-professed psychic, whom Jane manipulates to find the real murderer.

But it wouldn't be November sweeps if Red John didn't have some part to play. "Red John does play into this episode in a surprising way," says Heller, who wrote the episode. Viewers will have to be paying attention, though, Tunney says. "It's just another small clue and Jane is the only one who knows," she says. "It leads him on his own personal investigation. The idea this year is that Simon's character was isolating himself more in the investigation, and this contributes to that."

The surprise ending sets up the introduction of guest star Pruitt Taylor Vince, who will first appear in the Dec. 9 episode as internal affairs investigator J.J. Laroche. The character is slated for several more episodes in the back half of the season.

"The worry is that there's a mole in the CBI that's maybe working for Red John," Tunney says, noting that, at least initially, Lisbon and her team will still fully trust one another. "There's such a strong bond among them that nobody even suspects anything. In later episodes, people might have their [guard] up, but early on, everyone thinks the whole investigation is preposterous and that Laroche is on a witch hunt."

Laroche has reason to suspect foul play. After all, in Season 2, one of Red John's workers infiltrated the CBI and killed Agent Bosco (Terry Kinney). Like Bosco, Laroche and Jane won't exactly get along.

"Laroche immediately butts heads with Jane, and sparks will fly," Heller says. "Jane and Laroche are essentially looking for the same person, but for different reasons. It's a cat-and-mouse detective story."

But will Laroche's "witch hunt" actually yield results? "Someone that we know very well and is very close to Jane is going to be revealed to be not who we always thought they were," Heller says. "Jane will use that to try and get closer to Red John. Very soon, things will be revealed that will start moving the Red John story forward in shocking and unexpected ways. Laroche will inadvertently reveal things that lead us toward that end."

Créditos: TV Guide.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

|SNEAK PEEK| 3.09 - Red Moon

Confira um pedacinho do episódio que irá ao ar nesta quinta, 18/11, pela CBS:

|ENTREVISTA| Por trás das câmeras com Simon Baker

Em entrevista ao Star-Telegram, Simon Baker comenta a respeito de sua experiência como diretor do episódio Red Moon, que irá ao ar no dia 18/11, pela emissora CBS. O ator australiano também fala de seu personagem, Patrick Jane, em um bate-papo bem descontraído. Confiram:


Foto: CBS Press Express.
Baker jumps behind the camera on 'The Mentalist'
By David Martindale

Special to the Star-Telegram

Simon Baker, who plays the title character in The Mentalist, says he isn't completely satisfied with the work that the director did on this week's episode.

Not that viewers will notice a thing wrong with it. It's a perfectly fine hour. But the director had a grand vision of crafting something "tonally a little different," only to feel "a bit rushed" in the edit room.

"But that's the nature of what the beast is," Baker says. "Television is a train that keeps moving."

The director's name? Simon Baker.

Baker is in his third season of the hit series as Patrick Jane, a consultant who uses extraordinary powers of observation to help the California Bureau of Investigation solve crimes. Baker gave directing a try "to keep stimulated creatively," he says.

"The character is fun to play, but I've been doing it every day for three years," the charismatic performer says. "To act and direct at the same time is a nice challenge. And I enjoy the process of telling the story through my eyes, having it unfold my way."

We chatted with Baker last week about The Mentalist, which airs at 9 p.m. Thursday on CBS.

What did Simon the director think of Simon the actor? Did the two get along on the set?

"We got on OK. Simon the director didn't give Simon the actor too many notes about his performance. Simon the actor was grateful for that. Of course, he knew what the director wanted. The hard part as an actor is getting all the directing ideas and decisions out of your head between the words 'action' and 'cut.' But at the end of the day, I think it made me focus more."

Viewers love to watch Patrick Jane on TV. But he's a showboat and a narcissist, someone they probably wouldn't want as a friend in real life. Do you find that interesting?

"I just find it kind of real. He's true to who he is. He's not there to win over everyone all the time, unless there's something in it for him. He always has an agenda. What I admire about him is he doesn't give a damn what other people think about him. At the same time, there is a level of empathy within him. And I wouldn't say that he's full of himself. In fact, I think most of that stuff is born out of self-loathing. The guy doesn't like himself very much. Most of the time, it's bravado."

What initially drew you to the premise and to the character?

"The main thing was the character was a blank slate in the original script. In fact, the Lisbon character [played by Robin Tunney] was better written. That was exciting to me because it gave me the opportunity to get invested in the creation of the character. Sometimes a character is drawn on the page to the point where there's no room creatively. This character was kind of under-drawn on the page, but with a good set of circumstances surrounding him, which gave me room to create the character in a lot of ways."

Given that Jane's prowess as a crime solver comes from his powers of observation and an ability to read people, how observant are you and how good are you at reading others?

"I've always been pretty observant, kind of to the point where it's distracting. I see things and pick up little details that constantly distract me from what I'm doing. Sometimes I have to quiet that in myself and let things go. But am I good at reading people? Not necessarily. I'm kind of naive in the sense that I try to see the good in people. I'm always hopeful. And that can be a problem when I misjudge somebody."

How much longer can Red John, the serial killer who murdered Jane's family, continue to torment our hero before that story is resolved?

"I have opinions on it, but I don't have the final say. Often I get concerned that we flog things a little too far or play the same beats with Red John again and again. But he's successful as a dramatic device as long as the audience feels those beats are authentic. That's always going to be the tricky question. How long can that go on? We're also hanging a lot on the idea that Jane will be healed if he gets revenge. And I think we all know that things are not that easy."

Créditos: Star-Telegram

|SPOILER| "Novidades" sobre Rigsby e Van Pelt

O'Loughlin was really cocky with Rigsby on The Mentalist. Is he going to stick around for long? I really want to see Rigsby and Van Pelt back together! — Michela

ADAM: No such luck, Michela. Creator Bruno Heller says that Van Pelt and O'Loughlin are going to get even cozier, and that Rigsby will have more trouble hiding his displeasure at work. "It becomes a distraction that brings a lot of tension into the office," Heller says, adding that Rigsby will ease his pain with a revolving door of romantic partners. "He's going to start looking for a way to get out from under that relationship, but it's hard. It's going to be both funny and touching to watch him try."

Créditos: TV Guide

|PROMO| 3.09 - Red Moon - 2

Monday, November 15, 2010

|FOTOS PROMOCIONAIS| 3.10 - Jolly Red Elf

Créditos: Accidental Sexiness

|SPOILER| EW comenta sobre 3.09 - Red Moon

Por Jeff Jensen

It begins as innocently as the start of Bambi. It ends with a moment as unsettling as that business with Bambi's mama. In between, tonight's Mentalist serves up a bleak yarn about murdered small-town cops, an eyebrow-singed fireman, and one wannabe psychic in way over his head.

Well directed by star Simon Baker, who clearly relishes the show's quirky humor, and written by series creator Bruno Heller, the episode hones the drama's defining question: Does Patrick Jane have the guts to exact bloody vengeance on Red John once he catches him?

Créditos: EW e CBI Headquarter
Agradecimentos (Special Thanks to): Robin's Green Shades

Sunday, November 14, 2010

S03E08 - Ball of Fire

Muita emoção e adrenalina marcaram o oitavo episódio da temporada. Mesmo sendo todos grandes agentes, já seria difícil trabalhar sem Patrick Jane por perto, o pior é quando ele corre risco eminente de vida e precisa ser encontrado. Todos, então, mostraram que não estão no CBI por brincadeira, até Hightower. E Lisbon, que é um para-raio, além de passar o episódio todo engolindo o choro, acabou se metendo em encrenca ao lado de Jane. Ah, esses dois... Saiba tudo sobre mais um excelente episódio da série, Ball of Fire:

3.08 – Ball of Fire [RMVB – 176MB – Legendado]


3.08 – Ball of Fire [AVI – 350mb – Sem legenda]

SCREENCAPS – 3.08 – Ball of Fire

Arquivo: rar
Tamanho: 483MB
Quantidade: 2923 imagens [jpg]
Medida: 640x360px
Qualidade: Alta

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Monday, November 8, 2010


Créditos: Accidental Sexiness

S03E07 - Red Hot

The Mentalist literalmente pegou fogo, e em todos os sentidos. A volta de Walter Mashburn mexeu com a dinâmica dos personagens e trouxe novo ânimo à série. E enquanto o casal tão bem quisto e esperado pela galera (me inclua nessa), Jane e Lisbon, não se desenrola, e a ideia de Jane e Frye não passou de um delírio dos autores, Lisbon e Mashburn cortaram etapas. Opinião de quem escreve: melhor episódio em muito tempo e com certeza um dos melhores da série até agora. Mais uma vez escrito pela incrível Ashley Gable, autora dos fantásticos Red Badge e His Red Right Hand. E Red Hot. Entenda porque o episódio, responsável por mais uma vez The Mentalist liderar a audiência das quintas-feiras, deixou os fãs de queixo caído:

3.07 – Red Hot [RMVB – 176MB – Legendado]


3.07 – Red Hot [AVI – 350mb – Sem legenda]

SCREENCAPS – 3.07 – Red Hot

Arquivo: rar
Tamanho: 542MB
Quantidade: 3172 imagens [jpg]
Medida: 640x360px
Qualidade: Alta

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

|BASTIDORES| 3.10 - Jolly Red Elf

Os sinos vão tocar em The Mentalist! Para o episódio "natalino" série, cujo as gravações começaram na segunda-feira (1/11) na praia de Paradise Cove, Malibu, uma grata surpresa: Gregory Itzin! Sim, ele mesmo, Virgil Minelli. Será só uma aparição casual? Vamos esperar pra ver. Confira as fotos das gravações que o Spoiler TV trouxe pra gente, com Simon, Itzin e... gaivotas:

Créditos: Spoiler TV.