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|UPDATE| Latest news - 2

3.23 - Strawberries and Cream.
● Have you ever wondered why does Lisbon always wear a cross chain on The Mentalist? Robin helps us with this question:

Q: I am curious why The Mentalist star Robin Tunney always wears a chain with a cross. Her character doesn’t seem to be overly religious. Is this a personal thing?

Miriam F. Leiseroff, San Jose

"My character wears a cross because it belonged to her mother, who passed away when she was 14," Tunney says. "My character was raised Catholic." Tunney’s Teresa Lisbon, whose Catholicism flared when she began reciting Hail Marys while wearing a bomb vest near the end of Season 3, will be returning in the Sept. 22 premiere of Season 4. The new year picks up in the midst of mentalist Patrick Jane's arrest in connection to the murder of a man he believes to be his wife and daughter's killer, Red John.

Note: Actually, Lisbon's mother died when she was 12, and not 14.

Source: USA Weekend.
Thanks @LikeCheapWine for heads up.
● We all know that when the season starts, Patrick Jane is gonna be in jail. But you're still curious, right? Then it might help you a little... But just a little:

Source: TV Guide / Robin's Green Shades.
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● Episode 4.04, Ring Around the Rosie, is written by Daniel Cerone and directed by Chris Long.

Thanks @thebakerboy2 for asking him.
● Jonathan Schmock will play the role of William Gardiner, who is a naturalist and environmentalist, in Episode 4.05, entitled Blood and Sand.

Source: Spoiler TV.
● Yesterday I found this very cool new/old Season 2 promo picture on Why they never release this stuff?

● Can you imagine the giant Owain Yeoman and the petit Robin Tunney back to back? So, if you hadn't the chance to see this BTS picture before, check this adorable combination:

Source: Owain Yeoman.
Thanks Devon for asking him for this awesome picture!
● And check the Yahoo's Five Predictions for Season 4 of 'The Mentalist'


Jason Gallagher

The CBS drama "The Mentalist" is coming off a very successful Season 3, which was capped off by one of the most explosive season finales in recent memory. Because Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) pulled the trigger on a man he believed to be Red John, few may be surprised to learn that Season 4 will open with Jane in jail. Fans also know that this is not Jane's first trip to the slammer, but this time he is in serious trouble. The specific contents of the new season of "The Mentalist" are under wraps, but here are a few predictions for Season 4:

Jane Will Not Stay in Jail Long

Jane is not sorry he shot Red John because he had been planning it for a long time. The fact that his actions have consequences is not really a surprise to him either; what may surprise him is how much support he gets from his team. Lisbon ( Robin Tunney ) and company will probably be key to his release, but there might be more heinous forces at work.

It Was Not Red John

While the debate over was it Red John or not raged for the better part of the summer, it will likely turn out to not have been the serial killer. The show needs that driving force to keep Jane motivated, and when he is released and investigating a seemingly common killing one day, the team will walk in and see that dreaded smiley face.

No Relationship for Rigsby and Van Pelt

Rigsby and Van Pelt have had the most difficult time having a relationship, but after the latest misjudged character to enter Van Pelt's life, she will probably reevaluate her profession. The point is she will likely be a little preoccupied with other tasks before having the chance to get around to having another romance.

Lisbon Deals with Anger Issues

Lisbon is going to be pretty angry that Jane killed a man in cold blood, as she has pointed out on several occasions. She always thought she would be there to stop Jane. Since she ultimately failed, she will likely be on the angry side, which does not bode well for Jane. However, the pair will likely come full circle, but Jane will need to work to get her trust back. She also might be punished for losing control of Jane, but that seems a bit harsh.

Jane Will Change

Once Jane realizes there is a larger game afoot than he believed, he will likely shift gears into full-on revenge mode. Now that Red John, or whoever is pulling the strings, knows that Jane means business, things could get even more deadly serious.

Source: Yahoo! TV.

Friday, August 19, 2011

|SPOILER| 4.05 - Blood And Sand

Episode 4.05 of The Mentalist will be called "Blood And Sand".
Source: Spoiler TV.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

|PRESS RELEASE| 4.01 - Scarlet Ribbons


“Scarlet Ribbons” — In prison for killing his nemesis, Patrick Jane must prove that the man he shot really was Red John. Meanwhile, Lisbon urges Van Pelt to seek counseling in the aftermath of the death of her fiancé, Detective O’Laughlin, on the fourth season premiere of THE MENTALIST, Thursday, Sept. 22 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.


Patrick Jane ................................. Simon Baker
Teresa Lisbon ............................ Robin Tunney
Kimball Cho ...................................... Tim Kang
Wayne Rigsby ......................... Owain Yeoman
Grace Van Pelt ...................... Amanda Righetti


Gale Bertram .......................... Michael Gaston
D.A. Osvaldo Ardiles ................. David Noroña
Ross/ Red John ................... Bradley Whitford
Sally Carter ................................. Kate Norby
Joan ................................... Caroline Williams
Debbie Lubin ..................... Catherine Combs
Judge .......................................... Ken Lerner
Jury Forewoman .................... Angela Bullock
Waitress .................................. Karen Levine
Security Guard ......................... Kim Robillard
Forensics Tech .......................... Faran Fonté
Phil ..................................... Richard Portnow
Frank Lopez .................... Valente Rodriguez
Gangster ........................... Joey "Coco" Diaz
Pastor Farley .............................. Jim Jansen
Det. Wade ........................... Daniel Roebuck
Det. Miller ............................. Nicki Micheaux
Nurse .................................... Yvette Morton
Building Manager .................... Bill McKenzie

WRITTEN BY: Bruno Heller
DIRECTED BY: Charles Beeson

Source: CBS Press Express.

|PROMOTIONAL PHOTOS| 4.01 - Scarlet Ribbons

Source: SEAT42F.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

|SPOILER| Kelli Williams to play a blast from Patrick Jane's past

Kelli Williams.
By Adam Bryant

The Mentalist's Patrick Jane is about to get a (perhaps unwanted) blast from the past.

Former Lie to Me and The Practice star Kelli Williams will guest-star on the CBS drama's upcoming fourth season, has learned exclusively. She will play Beth Flint, a woman who once hired Jane (Simon Baker) during his days as a pretend psychic.

"She still believes he has psychic powers," creator and executive producer Bruno Heller tells us. "When her 9-year-old son, Connor, is kidnapped, she begs Jane to use those abilities to find Connor, putting Jane in a painful position."

Williams' casting follows the news that former Melrose Place star Michael Rady will recur this season as the new CBI Boss. Other guest stars this season include Reed Diamond, who will play a CBI agent who assists Lisbon (Robin Tunney) and her team with an investigation.

Williams, 41, is best known for her work as Lindsay Dole on The Practice and most recently as Dr. Gillian Foster on Fox's Lie to Me. She has also appeared on Scrubs, Men in Trees and Criminal Minds.

The Mentalist's fourth season kicks off Thursday, Sept. 22 at 10/9c on CBS. Williams' episode is slated to air Oct. 6.

Source: TV Guide.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

|SPOILER| Meet the new boss

By Michael Ausiello

Wanna really mess with Patrick Jane’s head? Hire a kid as his boss. The Mentalist is essentially doing just that with the casting of Melrose Place‘s Michael Rady as the new head of the CBI.

TVLine has learned exclusively that Rady will play Luther Wainwright, the very educated, fresh-faced special agent in charge of Jane & Co. Although he has very little field experience under his belt, Wainwright’s a fast learner and will eventually be able to go toe-to-toe with PJ.

Rady, who’s also fondly remembered as Greek‘s onetime resident advisor Max, succeeds Aunjanue Ellis’ Madeleine Hightower as the CBI’s No. 1

The Mentalist returns with its fourth season on Sept. 22.

Source: TV|Line.

|NEWS| 'The Mentalist' Co-Stars Get Salary Bumps

After renegotiating Simon Baker's deal late last year to give the Mentalist star a major salary bump, series producer Warner Bros. TV has now done the same for the rest of the cast of the CBS crime procedural, which returns for a fourth season this fall.

Like Baker, co-stars Robin Tunney, Amanda Righetti, Tim Kang and Owain Yeoman have all added an extra year to their existing six-year contracts. In exchange, I hear Tunney, who was most recently at about $75,000 an episode, will now go up to over $100,000 an episode next season with built-in yearly salary increases that will bring her up to almost $200,000 per episode at the end of her contract. Word is that Righetti, Kang and Yeoman, who were in the $40,000-$50,000 per episode range, are going up to $70,000-$80,000 an episode with escalators that will take them to over $100,000 in Season 6 and all the way to $150,000 per episode in Season 7.

Under Baker's renegotiated deal, valued at more than $30 million, he is now making $350,000 an episode, a fee that is slated to go up every season, in addition to a significant piece of the series' back end. The Mentalist was sold in off-network syndication in November 2009 in a rich deal with TNT that is fetching Warner Bros. $2.2 million-$2.3 million an episode.

Source: Deadline.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

|INTERVIEW| Is Jane prepared to date someone?

Is that a maybe, Simon? The Aussie actor says in a interview to TVNZ that there's "something" between Jane and Lisbon and talks about new character developments for the upcoming seasons. Check it out:


Hmmm.... maybe. The 43-year-old is married with three children so perhaps he has an insight into the plotline concerning Jane's potential romance?

"I'm interested in knowing what you think," he says, once again turning the tables in our interview. "We constantly discuss these things."

He's talking about the flirtations between Jane and Agent Lisbon, his trusted colleague.

"There's more stuff to play out in that relationship, there's been little moments on the show, but nothing's been consummated. I think there's obviously an affection between the two of them; whether that's a lust or a love... or just a mutual respect... "

He continues to weave delicately around the question.

"Then you have to ask the question - is the Jane character a sexual character? You know he asked that woman out at the end of the second season which was a little awkward and heart breaking for him to do."

But here's the most concrete hint so far.

"Out of sheer boredom I want the character to develop and new things to happen."

According to Baker there's a true science to character development.

"Once you have a character that the audience goes, 'I really like this guy,' you really have to be careful with what steps you take."

With the plethora of police dramas available to view, this show attempts a point of difference; at times it earnestly tries to be a police drama, while at the same time it parodies the genre.

"I think sometimes it does it successfully and sometimes it does it unsuccessfully. I think sometimes we get too broad, you can never make the perfect cake."

But no examples of the imperfect "cake" were forthcoming.

"Then I'm incriminating myself. It's a silly kind of cop show really but underneath what we're really dealing with is a guy that's really flawed who's trying to redeem himself. He's a really dark character, he just doesn't wear that close to his skin."

► Read the whole interview here.

Source: TVNZ
Special thanks to: CJDavey.

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|UPDATE| Latest news

We're sorry for the lack of updates during the last days, so let's not waste more time and see what's new on The Mentalist world:

● Gorgeous star Robin Tunney attended to the CBS, The CW & Showtime's 2011 TCA Party held at The Pagoda on August 3, 2011 in Beverly Hills, California. If you hadn't the chance to see the pictures yet, check all of them here or at Robin's Green Shades. All the credits to @robintunneynews and @RobinTunneyBlog, please follow and visit Robin Tunney Forum!

● Star Simon Baker will be directing another episode this season. The info was confirmed by Karl Sonnenberg, who said it will be ep. 4.07. On The Mentalist, Simon already directed an episode before; 3.09, Red Moon, written by series creator Bruno Heller.

● Karl also informed that episode 4.03, Pretty Red Balloon, is written by "the awesome Ashley Gable". We all agree with him about it, right?

Owain Yeoman is not the only cast member tweeting now. The beautiful Amanda Righetti joined Twitter too! Follow her: @AmandaERighetti.

● Lie to Me star Kelli Williams will make an apperance on the show this season. The actress confirmed on her twitter. We don't know which episode yet.

● And last but not least, watch a short interview with Tim Kang, our "Ice Man", Kimball Cho. Credits to Spoiler TV.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

|SPOILER| 4.04 - Ring Around the Rosie


Apresentação de um novo (isso mesmo, outro) chefe no CBI no quarto episódio da nova temporada. Confira:

Episode 4.04 of The Mentalist will called "Ring Around the Rosie" and will feature the new CBI Boss Luther Wainwright.

Créditos: Adam Harris (Spoiler TV).