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|SPOILER| Mega Buzz


Any good Jane and Lisbon scoop on The Mentalist? — Darcy
ADAM: Now that Jane's ex Lorelei is in custody for her connection to Red John, Jane is in a bit of a sticky situation. "She has Red John's name on the tip of her tongue, so Jane will do anything to seduce her to his side of the struggle," creator Bruno Heller tells us. Naturally, Lisbon is going to take notice of the feelings Jane and Lorelei still share. "It's not exactly a love triangle... but it does make office life complicated," Heller says. "How much of that attraction is real and how much of that is Jane being manipulative?"

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|SPOILER| Ask Ausiello on Lisbon's "Feelings"

Question: Anything on The Mentalist, for God’s sake? I am dying here. – Kah 
Ausiello: Far be it for me to deny aid to the dying, so here goes: Jane’s declaration of love to Lisbon will play a big part in the year ahead, when she’ll run into “complications in her feelings for Jane as the season rolls on,” says executive producer Bruno Heller. “Lisbon is not so much revealing feelings for Jane, but she’s discovering feelings for Jane.” But the senior special agent better hurry up, because she may have competition in Lorelai, Red John’s agent (Entourage’s Emmanuelle Chriqui), whom he must seduce in order to obtain information. 

Source: Ask Ausiello (TV|Line)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

|SPOILER| 5.05 - Cherry Picked


Episode 5.05 will be called "Cherry Picked", written by David Appelbaum. It will feature a couple who are kidnapped accidentally.
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Thursday, August 23, 2012

|SPOILER| Matt's Inside Line: What Lisbon's fans can expect for this season

The Mentalist | Unknotting and opening the reader mailbag (it’s made of burlap, FYI), Erin is “dying to know” what fans can expect this season with Lisbon, played by Robin Tunney

As it turns out, our Vlada Gelman just got off the horn with show boss Bruno Heller, who revealed that “Lisbon, apart from having to deal with Jane and Lorelai (played by Emmanuelle Chriqui), in the middle of the season sets off on her own journey of vengeance and redemption. 

That’s a three- or four-episode arc in which she needs to catch her own Lisbon version of Red John, and that’s going to be fun.” I thus open the floor to nickname suggestions for this new nemesis: Rouge Ruby? Candy Apple Candice? 

Source: TV|Line.

|SPOILER| 'Mentalist' creator promises killer 5th season with major Red John reveal  

With CBS’ The Mentalist approaching its 100th episode and moving to a new night, creator Bruno Heller is intensifying Patrick Jane’s hunt for Red John. 

“This is going to be a big season in terms of the Red John story,” promises Bruno Heller about the show’s elusive serial killer. “We make a quantum leap forward. Jane (Simon Baker) and the audience will learn something incredibly important about Red John that makes his hunt inches away instead of miles.” 

One focal point of the season will be Red John’s accomplice (Emmanuelle Chriqui), who was captured in last May’s finale. The CBI, Jane and the FBI will battle for custody of the key witness who can reveal the killer’s identity — as well as how to best extract that information from her. “As the season unrolls, there’s a struggle to convince her to talk,” Heller says. “The custody battle sets the scene for a longer and more intense rivalry because Jane believes there’s somebody he can’t trust within the FBI, and the FBI feels the same way about Jane and the CBI.” 

The agents are led by guest star Polly Walker, who also worked on Heller’s Rome. “She’s a wonderful actress I’ve been wanting to have on the show for awhile,” he says. 

Though Heller won’t say if Red John’s identity is finally revealed, he did hint last May that the person is likely already a cast member on the show. “You see the white whale,” Heller says. “They haven’t actually caught it, but they got it in their sights. It’s going to be a killer season. Things are going to start moving forward very swiftly.” 

And what about those rumors that Red John’s voice sounds like it could be played by none other than Simon Baker himself? “I can neither confirm nor deny who plays Red John in the voice parts,” Heller says, sounding amused. “It does sound a bit like Baker, doesn’t it?” 

Source: EW.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

|SPOILER| Familiar faces coming back for Season 5

Here’s a surprise even Jane didn’t see coming: The Mentalist is bringing back some familiar faces for Season 5.

William Forsythe, who stars on Fox’s new drama The Mob Doctor, will return to the CBS procedural as Rigsby’s father, TVLine has learned exclusively. The visit from Rigsby’s “badass, gangster, biker dad,” as executive producer Bruno Heller describes him, won’t be an entirely happy one. “Rigsby’s had a very conflicted and difficult relationship with his dad, for obvious reasons,” explains Heller. “That comes to an epic head in Episode 4. That’s going to be a big episode for Rigsby and [actor] Owain Yeoman.” 

Additionally, Samaire Armstrong (Dirty Sexy Money, The O.C.) will make her comeback in Episode 10 as prostitute-turned-CBI confidential informant Summer Edgecombe. She’ll place Tim Kang’s Cho in “a very difficult situation,” Heller says. Meanwhile, new Community professor Malcolm McDowell will make a “brief, but sensational” cameo as Brett Stiles, the leader of the Visualize Self-Realization Center church. 

Also returning to the show are Gregory Itzin as Supervising Agent Virgil Minelli, Michael Gaston as Director of CBI Gale Bertram and Pruitt Taylor Vince as Special Agent/Supervising Agent J.J. LaRoche. 

Finally, the hit drama — which celebrates its 100th episode in the upcoming season — is introducing someone very important to Jane: His daughter! The crime solver’s offspring, who was killed by Red John, will be played by newcomer Dove Cameron (Shameless) in Episode 2. Heller calls the hour “a big episode, a wonderful episode,” but for story reasons declines to say whether we’ll meet the girl in a dream, flashback or some other context. “That’s the whole nub of the episode,” he teases. 

The Mentalist returns in its new timeslot Sunday, Sept. 30 at 10/9c. 

Source: TV|Line

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

|SPOILER| Amanda Righetti Expecting First Child – Is Van Pelt Preggers Too?

Does Van Pelt have a bun in the oven? 

The Mentalist‘s Amanda Righetti is expecting her first child this spring with husband Jordan Alan, which has prompted the usual speculation about her character’s future as a mom. 

TVLine can exclusively confirm that art will not imitate life in this case. Van Pelt will not be pregnant, and the show will shoot around Righetti’s baby bump. 

It makes sense, considering the detective isn’t currently involved with anyone on the show. 

Source: TV|Line.

|PROMOTIONAL PHOTOS| 5.01 - The Crimson Ticket

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

|PRESS RELEASE| 5.01 - The Crimson Ticket


Emmanuelle Chriqui (“Entourage”) Returns as Lorelei Martins, Polly Walker (“Rome”) Guest Stars as Senior FBI Agent Alexa Schultz and Ivan Sergei Guest Stars as FBI Agent Gabe Mancini

“The Crimson Ticket” — While Jane tries to decipher Lorelei’s connection to Red John, the CBI team is forced to partner with the FBI to solve the murder of a hotel employee, on the fifth season premiere of THE MENTALIST on Sunday, Sept. 30 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Emmanuelle Chriqui (“Entourage”) returns as Lorelei Martins, Polly Walker (“Rome”) guest stars as Senior FBI Agent Alexa Schultz and Ivan Sergei guest stars as FBI Agent Gabe Mancini.

Simon Baker (Patrick Jane)
Robin Tunney (Teresa Lisbon)
Tim Kang (Kimball Cho)
Owain Yeoman (Wayne Rigsby)
Amanda Righetti (Grace Van Pelt)

Emmanuelle Chriqui (Lorelei Martins)
Michael Gaston (Gale Bertram)
Ivan Sergei (Gabe Mancini)
Drew Powell (Reede Smith)
Jon Curry (Tom Yannick)
Mandy Kowalski (Callie Karlsen)
Anthony Martins (Rex Longo)
Polly Walker (Alexa Schultz)
Jarrod Crawford (Journalist)
Jim O'Heir (Norris)
Kelly Schumann (Estelle)
Esther Scott (Darla)
Amanda Detmer (Nicola Karlsen)
Dina Simon (Jasmin Lonagul)
Maz Siam (Mac Lonagul)
Oscar Best (Sac PD Captain)
John Rubinstein (Judge Manchester)
Alissa Ford (Valerie Whittaker)
Livia TreviƱo (Female Prison Guard)

WRITTEN BY: Bruno Heller, one of the series’ executive producers


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|BTS| Simon Baker with guest stars

@echriqui Emmanuelle Chriqui
We are baaaack! Great day with Simon Baker on #The Mentalist..sorry pic is upside down:-)

dovelyy.tumblr Dove Cameron
Twinzies. #GonnaMissThisBoy #SimonBakerIsMyFavorite #DoveAndHawk #TheMentalist 


|BTS| Dove Cameron on working with Robin Tunney and Simon Baker

Dove Cameron, a guest star for 5x02, shared her impressions on working with Robin and Simon.

Robin is kind of quiet, but she’s hilarious when she opens up to you. She’s insanely smart. She’s always stating random facts that she finds in some book that she’s reading. She’s really sweet, pretty sarcastic. She’s really easy going. Sweetest woman, I’ll never forget what she said to me on the last day. She’s my favorite, I love Tunney.

And Simon…What can I even say about Simon. He’s goofy. He’s a goofball. He’s really funny. He was always running around set, being wild. He would always do things like; pick up a mini hammer, run over to me and tap my knuckles with it like they were marimbas. Or one time he hooked up a scary looking machine (Unplugged and antique, of course) to my finger tips and turned it on “Full Voltage” and we played Frankenstein. He’s a nickname guy, too. I always had a nickname. Both really lovely people that I was lucky to work with.

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|PROMO| Sunshiny Jane

Special thanks to @RobinTunneyBlog
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|SPOILER| 5.04 - Blood Feud


Episode 5.04 will be called "Blood Feud", written by Jordan Harper.

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|BTS| With Dove Cameron and Robin Tunney

@DoveCameron uploaded this picture to her twitter account, with the following message:

"In between takes. I love Robin Tunney. #RobinIsMyMainLady #TheMentalist"

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|SPOILER| 5.03 - Not One Red Cent


Episode 5.03 will be called "Not One Red Cent", written by Ken Woodruff and directed by Chris Long. Also, 5.06 will be the 100th episode and it's written by Tom Szengyorgyi. Episode 4.08 will be written by Daniel Cerone and directed by Simon Baker.

Source: @mentalistwriter and SpoilerTV.

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|PHOTOS| CBS, CW, Showtime 2012 Summer TCA Party

Owain Yeoman, Amanda Righetti and my dearest and gorgeous Robin Tunney attended the CBS, The CW & Showtime TCA Party for 2012, on July 29. Here are some pictures:

CBS also tweeted a picture of Owain and Amanda:

Click here to check Robin's Green Shades gallery for more pictures of Robin. Thanks Mary for your wonderful work! 

Source: Robin's Green Shades, Getty Images, Celebutopia and CBS.