Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Simon Baker!

Earlier today, Karl Sonnenberg (@TA4TV) said on twitter that the cast and crew sang happy birthday to Simon. A few minutes ago, Nina Corrado (@ncorrado) uploaded this lovely picture.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

|SPOILER| Ivan Sergei to Recur on The Mentalist

Ivan Sergei
A trio of Feds are coming to The Mentalist next season. 

Actor Ivan Sergei (Crossing Jordan, Charmed) has just been hired in a recurring role for the CBS drama’s fifth season playing the first of three federal agents that are joining the show’s cast. Sergei plays FBI Agent Gabe Mancini, a tough, handsome agent who comes off as hotheaded at times, but overall is a good guy.

We don’t know yet what the agents are doing at the CBI, but you can be sure Patrick Jane [Simon Baker] isn’t going to be too thrilled about it. Sergei first appears in The Mentalist season premiere on Sept. 30 (a Sunday, remember, the show is moving this fall). 

Source: EW.com.

|SPOILER| The Mentalist Books Parks and Recreation Star for Season Premiere

Ever imagined what a Parks and Recreation crossover with The Mentalist might look like? This could be as close as you'll ever get. 

Parks mainstay Jim O'Heir will guest-star on the upcoming Season 5 premiere of The Mentalist, TVGuide.com has learned exclusively. O'Heir will play a hotel manager who may have some valuable information to offer Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) and his team about their latest investigation. 

O'Heir will join Rome veteran Polly Walker, who was recently cast as a quick-witted FBI agent who will recur during The Mentalist's fifth season. 

The Mentalist premieres Sunday, Sept. 30 at 10/9c on CBS. 

Source: TV Guide.
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

|SPOILER| Polly Walker joins The Mentalist

Fans of The Mentalist looking to get a read on the show’s upcoming fifth season, take note: Rome hellraiser Polly Walker is joining the cast in a major recurring role, TVLine has learned exclusively.

The English actress — who scored a Golden Globe nod for her role as Julius Caesar’s manipulative niece on HBO’s period drama — will play Senior FBI agent Alexa Shultz, a gorgeous, fierce and incredibly competent alpha female with a quick-witted personality.

Walker’s post-Rome credits include Syfy’s Caprica and Sanctuary. She’s set to make her Mentalist debut in the show’s season premiere on Sunday, Sept. 30.

Source: @Aleee_Otvline.com

|SPOILER| Crew call, set picture (5x01)

Click to see full-size.

INTERROGATION ROOM 1 - Van Pelt hears Betty’s confession, Mendelssohn actually took his own life.
LISBON’S OFFICE - Despite her promise, Lisbon eavesdrops on Jane interrogating Lorelei.
BULLPEN - Van Pelt updates Lisbon, the victim was suffocated and strangled.
ELEVATOR TO BULLPEN - The team shares info about the victims and will follow up with the next of kin.
INTERROGATION ROOM 2 - Van Pelt interrogates the adoring apprentice. There(?) was a thai(?) gem cutter.

Special thanks to: soullessgem for the transcript! & @RobinTunneyBlog for the heads up.
Source: @ncorrado

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

|SPOILER| TVGuide Megabuzz

Now that the Red John case is again red-hot, look for the CBI offices to be flooded with Feds for several episodes. Among the new faces are the FBI's regional director — described as a ferocious alpha female — and one of her top agents, a good guy whose temper sometimes gets the best of him. While they're sure to push Jane's buttons, one case will also force him to battle wits with someone who is always two steps ahead of him. The twist? She's only 15!

Source: @luvthementalist, TvGuide.com

Monday, July 16, 2012

|SPOILER| New characters' info

The FBI is getting involved... and staying involved. We're going to meet three feds who will recur significantly throughout the season. First up is FBI Agent Gabe Mancini, a forty-something guy with a strong moral compass but, unfortunately, a quick temper. His partner is Reede Smith -- quiet and smart, but young and disheveled. They're joined by the regional director of the FBI, Agent Alexa Schultz, described as "a ferocious alpha female." Rawr.

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Source: blog.zap2it.com

Friday, July 13, 2012

|SPOILER| Season Five TV line scoop

We start this week’s column with a dip into the reader mailbag, where Erin asks: “Do you have an Inside Line on The Mentalist?” As a matter of fact, the CBS procedural – which, remember now, has moved to Sundays at 10/9c – has put out a casting for not one, not two but three FBI agents. Yeah, apparently that season-ending shoot-out has left a big multi-jurisdictional mess to be mopped up. Among the new recurring G-people are a handsome “good guy” named Gabe, a “ferocious alpha female” named Alexa and quiet lunk named Reede.

Source: TVLineThe Mentalist Foro en espaƱol

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

|SPOILER| 5.02 - Devil's Cherry


Episode 5.02 will be called "Devil's Cherry", written by Daniel Cerone.

Source: Tim Kang.

Monday, July 9, 2012

|SPOILER| 5.01 - The Red Glass Bead


Episode 5.01, Season Premiere, will be called "The Red Glass Bead", written by Bruno Heller and directed by Randall Zisk.

Source: Tim Kang.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

|VIDEO INTERVIEWS| Cast members talk to SuperDramaTV

SuperDramaTV is the network where The Mentalist is aired in Japan. The interviews are spoiler-free (they're going to air Season 3 soon), and yet they offer things we may have not heard before.

Source: Chizuruchibi & SuperDramaTv