Saturday, July 31, 2010

|SPOILER & FOTOS| Novidades da semana

Confira o que de melhor aconteceu nesta semana:


Van Pelt’s gettin’ some! The Mentalist is currently casting a potential love interest for Amanda Righetti. The deets…

Craig O’Laughlin: In his late 20s to early 30s, Craig is a football player-turned-FBI agent. Translation: Actors with fewer than six packs need not apply. The role is recurring.


This next casting scoop gets the Aushole seal of approval: Former Friday Night Lights scene-stealer Kevin Rankin (it’s Herc!) is joining CBS’ The Mentalist in the potentially recurring role of Danny Ruskin, Patrick Jane’s (Simon Baker) brother-in-law.

“He’s a hustler, a con artist, a ladies man—a cunning ne’er do well,” explains Mentalist EP/creator Bruno Heller. “Through his sister, he has an emotional hook in Jane that he’s not afraid to tug at when it serves his nefarious purposes.”

Rankin will debut in this season’s second episode, slated to air on Sept. 30.


3.02 Cackle-Bladder Blood foi escrito por Ashley Gable (Red Tide/Russet Potatoes/Red Badge/His Red Right Hand/Blood Money).


Simon Baker nas gravações em 27/07


Robin Tunney passeando por LA em 29/07

Créditos: EW (Michael Ausiello), Karl Sonnenberg, Picapp, Celebboard e Celebutopia.


  1. Sei que 30/o7 foi aniverssário de Simon Baker.Um feliz aniverssário atrasado(me desculpe Simon)a esse belo ,charmoso,lindo,maravilhosoe etc e etc aniverssariante.Ps chaga logo 3a temporada!!!

  2. Quem foi que tirou essas fotos.