Wednesday, October 13, 2010

|SPOILER| Ausiello conta mais sobre o retorno de Mashburn

Mentalist writer Jordan Harper confirmed via Twitter that Mashburn’s coming back! Please investigate this one for us Ausiello. Mashburn was awesome in last season’s episode “Redline.” He and Jane had some great scenes together. Plus watching him put the moves on Lisbon was fun. Any chance you can find out why he’s back this time? —Rachel

Ausiello: Let’s ask series creator Bruno Heller. “As the story unfolds, it seems someone is determined to have Mashburn’s blood, and Mashburn is determined to have Lisbon,” he teases. “Someone is going to get their wish.”

Créditos: EW.

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  1. Este episódio vai ser o episódio.Chega logo RED HOT.Tomara que em RED HOT tenhamos muitas cenas JISBON!!!!!!!!!!!!