Tuesday, January 25, 2011

|CASTING CALL| 3.16 - Red Queen

Confira o casting call do episódio 3.16 - Red Queen:


Casting Director is seeking Union or Non-Union Actors for CBS series "THE MENTALIST" Episode 316, "Red Queen"


1.) MALE (25-35; Latin American) - MANOLO SALVADOR. This petty criminal is a bit of a character, full of bravado and defiance. However, under questioning by Jane and the team, he really gets into the spirit of things and starts having real "fun" freely expressing his opinion on their case. GUEST STAR;

2.) MALE (late 20s; Caucasian) - FOLEY. Slightly nerdy, hardly a charmer, this "asocial" and abrasive fingerprint technician is more comfortable with his lab equipment than with people. After a little needling by Jane, Foley is on the verge of a full-fledged panic attack. GUEST STAR/POSSIBLY ONE DAY;

3.) MALE (50s-60s; Caucasian) - CHRISTO PAPADAKIS. An anthropology professor, he is questioned about his friend and fellow professor who has recently been murdered. However, his thick accent makes his exchange with Rigsby humorously incoherent. ONE DAY GUEST STAR;

4.) MALE (late 40s; any ethnicity) - JIM. This folksy family man is a gate security guard at CBI headquarters. He has a warm rapport with Jane and is delighted when Jane presents him with a present for one of his kids. LARGE MULTI-DAY CO-STAR;

5.) FEMALE (20s; any ethnicity) - RECEPTIONIST. This pretty and slightly nervous young receptionist at CBI headquarters becomes the center of interest when she reveals she just saw a murder suspect heading up to the roof. 1 speech & 2 lines, 2 scenes

Créditos: NewFaces e Spoiler TV.

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