Tuesday, July 19, 2011

|SPOILER| Caras novas no CBI


Got any scoop on Season 4 of The Mentalist? — Charlie
ADAM: If you haven't already, read this. I am also hearing that there may be some new faces in the CBI this season. The show's looking for a few agents to comprise a team to assist Lisbon and her crew in the investigation of a physical trainer's death. But I wouldn't worry: No matter how good the newbies are, they don't have Patrick Jane on their side.

Créditos: TV Guide (Mega Buzz).


  1. Van essa nova equipe vai ser igual a equipe do Bosco?

  2. É o que parece. Mas pelo jeito a relação entre as equipes será bem pior e não deve durar mais do que um episódio.