Sunday, August 14, 2011

|INTERVIEW| Is Jane prepared to date someone?

Is that a maybe, Simon? The Aussie actor says in a interview to TVNZ that there's "something" between Jane and Lisbon and talks about new character developments for the upcoming seasons. Check it out:


Hmmm.... maybe. The 43-year-old is married with three children so perhaps he has an insight into the plotline concerning Jane's potential romance?

"I'm interested in knowing what you think," he says, once again turning the tables in our interview. "We constantly discuss these things."

He's talking about the flirtations between Jane and Agent Lisbon, his trusted colleague.

"There's more stuff to play out in that relationship, there's been little moments on the show, but nothing's been consummated. I think there's obviously an affection between the two of them; whether that's a lust or a love... or just a mutual respect... "

He continues to weave delicately around the question.

"Then you have to ask the question - is the Jane character a sexual character? You know he asked that woman out at the end of the second season which was a little awkward and heart breaking for him to do."

But here's the most concrete hint so far.

"Out of sheer boredom I want the character to develop and new things to happen."

According to Baker there's a true science to character development.

"Once you have a character that the audience goes, 'I really like this guy,' you really have to be careful with what steps you take."

With the plethora of police dramas available to view, this show attempts a point of difference; at times it earnestly tries to be a police drama, while at the same time it parodies the genre.

"I think sometimes it does it successfully and sometimes it does it unsuccessfully. I think sometimes we get too broad, you can never make the perfect cake."

But no examples of the imperfect "cake" were forthcoming.

"Then I'm incriminating myself. It's a silly kind of cop show really but underneath what we're really dealing with is a guy that's really flawed who's trying to redeem himself. He's a really dark character, he just doesn't wear that close to his skin."

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Source: TVNZ
Special thanks to: CJDavey.

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