Thursday, September 15, 2011

|SPOILER| Mega Buzz, more info about the new season and casting news


It's been a while since you've given us anything good on The Mentalist. — Marie
ADAM: Did you enjoy Simon Baker's directorial debut last year? If so, you'll be happy to know that he's stepping back behind the camera for a November sweeps episode that introduces a new recurring FBI agent. I hear she knows how to get what she wants without causing too much friction, but she's sure to bruise some egos when she takes over a case that Jane and Lisbon bungle.

Source: TV Guide (Mega Buzz).

TV Guide small article about the new season

"Patrick isn't particularly phased by going to jail," says Baker. 
"In fact, he fits right in."
WHERE WE LEFT OFF Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) killed his nemesis, Red John (Bradley Whitford), in the middle of a shopping center. But did he get the right guy?

WHAT'S NEXT The new season picks up mere moments after last May's shocking finale, with Jane being arrested by the mall cops. He's sentenced and thrown in the slammer with a hefty $1 million bail no one's willing to pay. Turn out that the gun Jane (and the viewers) saw in Red John's possession at the time of the killing has mysteriously vanished. "It's a symbol to Patrick that he's never going to have sence of peace or fulfillment where Red John is concerned", says Baker. "He will start to question his own sanity."

FALL FALLOUT The entire team is suspended because of the Red John mess. Van Pelt (Amanda Righetti) turns cynical over the death of her FBI-agent fiancé Craig, who was revealed to be a Red John mole. Look for a new——and very young——CBI chief (Greek's Michael Rady). "The previous chiefs were like the mean chemistry teacher in high school," notes creator Bruno Heller. "This guy is like the liberal-arts teacher who says, 'Draw what you feel'. He's going to bring a new and completely fresh sensibility to the show."

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Young actress Madison McLaughlin will play Tommy Lisbon's (Henry Thomas) daughter, Teresa Lisbon's niece on episode 4.06 - Where in the World is Carmine O'Brien.

"I totally just spent the day with Simon Baker, Robin Tunney, and Henry Thomas. No big deal. #freakingout"

Todd Andrews will play the role of Carmine O'Brien.

Source: Spoiler TV | @MadisonBlaine95.

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