Tuesday, July 24, 2012

|SPOILER| Crew call, set picture (5x01)

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INTERROGATION ROOM 1 - Van Pelt hears Betty’s confession, Mendelssohn actually took his own life.
LISBON’S OFFICE - Despite her promise, Lisbon eavesdrops on Jane interrogating Lorelei.
BULLPEN - Van Pelt updates Lisbon, the victim was suffocated and strangled.
ELEVATOR TO BULLPEN - The team shares info about the victims and will follow up with the next of kin.
INTERROGATION ROOM 2 - Van Pelt interrogates the adoring apprentice. There(?) was a thai(?) gem cutter.

Special thanks to: soullessgem for the transcript! & @RobinTunneyBlog for the heads up.
Source: @ncorrado

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  1. Finalmente saindo notícias da 5ª temporada.Mas o que fala ai sobre a Lisbon e o Jane não deu p mim entender muito a tradução do google ficou meio sem sentido.