Thursday, September 20, 2012

|SPOILER| TV Guide: Returning Favorites

Last season, crime-buster Patrick Jane staged an elaborate trap for serial killer Red John by quitting CBI and traipsing off to Vegas, where he pretended to be a mad, drunken bender that lasted months—and he still failed to catch the guy! Star Simon Baker fills us in on Plan B.

It’s starting to seem that Red John is way out of Jane’s league. Isn’t he getting discouraged?
Vegas didn’t go the way Jane hoped, but he did catch a big fish—Red John’s accomplice, Lorelei [Emmanuelle Chriqui]! This could lead him right to Red John, but there’s now a lot of red tape to deal with because Lorelei is incarcerated and the FBI and the CBI both want her. Jane has a lot more hurdles.

But is Lorelei playing with a full deck? Can anything she says be trusted?
At times she’s scary, but Jane is a kindred spirit with con people. He and Lorelei have a shorthand, a sort of chemical understanding between the mechanics of their brains.

It’s rather sad Jane ended his grief-induced celibacy by bedding Lorelei, of all people. Or does he have feelings for her?
Jane is a lonely desperate guy who has avoided romance—even sex—since his wife died, but there may be something real there with Lorelei. We’ll play with that as the story unfolds.

We all know Lisbon (Robin Tunney) has a thing for Jane. Won’t she freak out when she finds out he and Lorelei did the deed?
That creates an interesting dynamic between the three characters, and Robin plays it beautifully. Lisbon’s a little bit hurt but also fears Jane is losing his mind or getting played. I love being in the middle of that. [Laughs] I’m really enjoying this season!

The Mentalist’s 100th episode will finally reveal how Jane came to work for CBI.

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