Friday, March 8, 2013

|SPOILER| Matt's Inside Line: Red John's Rules (Season Finale)


Is there anything you can dish on The Mentalist? –Katrina
Well, that sure sounds like a “red” alert! In the new run of episodes kicking off this Sunday, Lorelai comes back into Jane’s life (with bloody results); things start to heat up again between Van Pelt and Rigsby (in a way neither could have predicted); JJ LaRoche, the head of the CBI’s Professional Standards Unit, returns and the mystery of what’s inside his Tupperware container is (finally!!) answered; and Jane’s quest to narrow down the list of Red John suspects comes to a thrilling conclusion in the season finale, “Red John’s Rules.”

Source: TV|Line.


  1. Rigsby and Van Pelt should just move on - I don't see any chemistry between the two. I don't know why the writers are so obsessed with these two.

  2. So am I. I don't matter if them will be together or not. I'm enough.