Wednesday, September 1, 2010

|SPOILER & PROMO| Ator de Heroes fará participação em The Mentalist

Following news that Masi Oka has been cast as Hawaii Five-0's new coroner comes word that another Heroes alum, Jack Coleman (a.k.a Mr. Noah Bennet, a.k.a. Horned Rimmed Glasses), has landed a role on another CBS crime drama. In The Mentalist's Oct. 14th episode, Jack will be playing Max Armstrong, described to me as a wealthy, regal, arrogant, self-important man who becomes the prime suspect in a murder. Sounds like a lot like Sylar (minus that wealthy part). Watch for this Max character to attract Patrick Jane's curiosity because of his calm, cold and collected demeanor.

Turns out Mentalist co-star Owain Yeoman is a big Jack Coleman fan, but not from Jack's role on Heroes. "I'll always remember him as Steven Carrington on Dynasty," Owain tells me.


Pra terminar, essa curtíssima promo da terceira temporada na CBS, em que podemos ver cenas da Season Premiere, Red Sky at Night, que como você bem sabe, irá ao ar em 23 de setembro:

Créditos: TV Guide, Spoiler TV e yixing11915.

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