Tuesday, January 3, 2012

|BTS| Robin Tunney, a "famous" elephant, and more info on S4

Let's get back to the beginning of season 3 for a while. Do you remember Daisy, the cute elephant from ep302, Cackle-Bladder Blood? You'll certainly record that our petit Lisbon seemed to be "in love" with the big animal, but the head of the Serious Crimes Unit wasn't the only one charmed by the unusual "guest-star". Ashley Gable told us that after the scene was over, Robin let the elephant pick her up in its trunk.

Now, tell me if it's not utterly adorable:

Seriously, this is the cutest thing ever! And sheep dip legal reasons, I'd die to see this video!

But Ashley tweeted other cool stuff, too. For example, that Bruno Heller is not only writing ep417, but making his directing debut as well, also that her last episode of the season will be ep422. And more info about the season finale:

Today the cast and crew got back at work after the Christmas break. Tomorrow they start shooting ep415, written by Ken Woodruff and directed by Geary McLeod. The new episodes are back next week, Jan 12, with Always Bet On Red, written by the awesome Gable, followed by My Bloody Valentine, on Jan 19, written by Tom Szentgyorgyi.

P.S.: Red Blog officially loves Ashley Gable.

Source: @mentalistwriter.

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  1. Red Blog oficialmente ama Ashley Gable.E eu também!!!!!!