Friday, January 20, 2012

|SPOILER| Simon Baker teases Morena Baccarin's return


The Feb. 16 episode of The Mentalist will find Patrick Jane once again coming face to face with matchmaker (and troublemaker) Morena Baccarin, who co-stars on Showtime’s Homeland. And when he does, Simon Baker tells me that we’ll get a chance to see an interesting, rarely-seen side of Jane. “I really like the human side of [Patrick Jane] and the human trauma and drama of it all,” he says. “We often get very frivolous and use the cheap gag/crime of the week stuff. But there’s an element to this character that’s very human. He’s also a very lonely character. We don’t really explore that very often, but it underpins him. It was interesting to bring her back because in the episode we did, there was a chemistry between the two characters. They were both deceptive characters and they enjoyed that in each other. And so to bring her back, there’s a bit more friction between the two of them that could potentially open things up for the Jane character.”

Another case we might not have seen the last of? The one from two weeks ago that saw Jane framing the grieving father of a victim. “We’re about to shoot an episode right now that plays into that episode,” says Baker. “It’s interesting because our show is a crime procedural but this year, we’ve tried to play around outside that element and have a story that [recurs] every 2-3 episodes but also have stand-alones as well.”


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