Wednesday, November 7, 2012

|SPOILER| Mega Buzz on Lisbon's new nemesis

What else can you tell us about Lisbon's new nemesis on The Mentalist? — Heather
ADAM: You'll meet him in Sunday's episode when Henry Ian Cusick kicks off his arc. "He is a charming, powerful man who no one can believe is in any way villainous," creator Bruno Heller tells us. He's so charming in fact, that Jane & Co. will question Lisbon's suspicions, and they may have good reason. "Lisbon's search for vengeance is triggered by a huge and traumatic failing on her part," Heller says. "In her eagerness and aggression to catch this guy, she puts other people in harm's way." Hmm, sounds like a good excuse for maternity leave, doesn't it?

Source: TV Guide.

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