Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Red Blog Milestone! - 500,000 Hits

The Red Blog is celebrating 500,000 hits, so take a look on this awesome art by Chizuru-chibi in honor of this special moment:

Isn't it damn cute?! 

Thank you all for visiting the blog so far, we're really grateful for reaching this number. When this blog was created 3 years ago I could never expect to still be here in 2012, honestly. It's being a great ride.

A very special thanks to our affiliates The Mentalist Brasil, The Mentalist Hypnoweb, the fantastic and sweetest Reviewbrain's Blog, and especially to our simply amazing sister-blog, Robin's Green Shades. Sometimes I think it's more for a "wife-blog" than "sister", I guess we have an ambiguous relationship, haha. Ti voglio tanto bene, Maria Novella!

Also, thanks to my awesome lady Chizuru-chibi for running the blog with me (Vanessa), you have no idea how much you help and how honored I am to have you here. You are precious ♥

Thanks to our supporters, all of you that left comments here and shared our blog's link on twitter, facebook, tumblr, deviantART, IMDb, fanfiction.net, The Mentalist related forums and anywhere else, I'm very grateful and I'm watching all of you :P

And finally, thanks to Bruno Heller for creating this amazing show and to the cast for being so fuckin' talented (and hot)!

The Red Blog Team.


  1. Congratulations for this milestone!
    The drawing is hilarious, by the way XD

  2. Congrats wife/sister! :D
    Ti voglio bene Van+anessa!

  3. Parabéns!!!!!!!!!!!! Van esse blog é demais quer saber sobre TM entre aqui.Olha sempre estou divulgando o seu maravilhoso trabalho aqui no RedBlog. Sabe admiro o seu trabalho a sua eficiência e sinto sua falta vc sumiu.Entra lá no face o pessoal da comu estão lá e sentem a sua falta tbm do seus comentários,gifs(que eu amo espero um dia poder saber fazer tbm. Parabéns Van de verdade e continuar contando com as minhas visitas aqui no blog ;)