Thursday, March 3, 2011

|SPOILER| 3.20 - Redacted

O episódio 3.20 se chamará Redacted. Confira o plotline:

The episode revolves around Heather Blue and Cole Rodney.

When Ted is murdered, Heather, a do-gooderer who works in an animal shelter and Cole, a mercenary soldier in Iraq find themselves in a twisting web of lies and mixed loyalties.

Also watch out for Vivian Griswold. Think surveillance as you are watching :P
Edit: corrigindo a informação do Spoiler TV, o episódio se chamará Redacted e não In The Red como dito previamente pelo site. Escrito por Eoghan Mahony.

Créditos: Adam Harris (Spoiler TV) e Karl Sonnenberg.

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