Tuesday, March 1, 2011

|SPOILER| Participação de Jane na fuga de Hightower poderá repercutir na equipe do CBI

De acordo com Latest from Kristin, a conivência e participação de Jane na fuga de Hightower repercutirão na equipe. La Roche assumirá o cargo de Hightower e não compactuará com as artimanhas de Jane. La Roche nomeará Cho como chefe da equipe, o que certamente causará conflitos. Confira:


itsalittlebit (via Twitter) News on The Mentalist please? Does what Jane did last episode with Hightower have repercussions further down the line?

Surely. After LaRoche (Pruitt Taylor Vince) is put in charge of CBI, his first act of business isn't patting Jane (Simon Baker) on the back and giving him a high-five. He'll be naming Cho (Tim Kang) the new leader of the team. Understandably, that causes some fireworks.


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