Wednesday, March 23, 2011

|SPOILER| Cho dará uma de "pai" em futuro episódio

Confira as novidades do último Mega Buzz:

*O episódio ao que o spoiler se refere é o 3.22 - Rhapsody in Red.


Anything cool coming up on The Mentalist? — Matt
ADAM: Cho's going to be a dad — well, sort of. When a petty thief steals Cho's car from a murder scene, Cho gets stuck taking care of the kid until Social Services can find a foster family for him. In the meantime, Cho will help his young charge prove that his real father has been falsely imprisoned for robbery. Doing so will land Cho on the wrong side of an angry district attorney, who I'm hearing will become a recurring character.

Créditos: TV Guide.

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