Wednesday, April 3, 2013

|BTS| Simon Baker and Robin Tunney shooting the season finale

Check out some photos of stars Simon Baker and Robin Tunney shooting the season finale, Red John's Rules, at Venice Beach, CA.

Source: chelseahession, chasemm, chazlyno10, shisheixvip, @RyanOrrTV, aminosman5, yamalhammmilton, 69nirvana69, jules010, henrols, yasmineinak & angiirish.
Very special thanks to the awesome @Aleee_O, @mentalista13 & @woman__in__red for the heads up!


  1. My friend was there when this was being filmed. He said it was surprising how close you could get to Simon Baker and Robin Tunney. I was so jealous. He is studying abroad in California. When I was in CA last year I went to Warner Bros Studios and they were filming the Mentalist in Studio and not on set. I was gutted as it meant we couldn't peak at what was going on.

  2. My husband's favorite show. Love the supporting cast, Cho, Rigsby and Van Pelt. Very good to see Grace back and hope she marries Rigsby soon. Can't have all these singles running around and I hope there's no romance between Lisban and Jane, that would spoil it. She should have a nice doctor or something and he should get that psychic back. Or did they kill her off. Can't remember. Anyway, great supporting cast on this show (love Cho too) - they are as fun to watch as jane and lisbon. (much better than Castle)

  3. Great show fab cast love simon what else could a girl wish for . But I do hope jane & lisbon get together at the end they really have strong feelings for each other and getting more and more as seasons go on

  4. Como gostaria de poder conhecĂȘ-los.