Friday, April 26, 2013

|PROMO| 5.22 - Red John's Rules (Season Finale) - Patrick Jane Zeroes in on Red John

THR debuts a new promo for the May 5 hour, which will reveal the seven suspects in Jane's search for Red John.

Is Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) getting closer to finding out who Red John is?

That's a question that will be answered in the May 5 season finale. The Hollywood Reporter exclusively debuts the teaser for the hourlong episode, "Red John's Rules," during which Jane finally reveals his list of seven suspects.

For the past few weeks, CBS has unveiled 10 possible names on the show's website, with the final 10 names going up April 29. With 30 suspects to choose from, which seven will be on the hook by season's end?

As Jane looks over yet another crime scene, he's positive the culprit is Red John. How? "Because when it's him, I can feel it." Jane knows the Red John case like the back of his hand, and when it's brought up that Red John will always be one step ahead, Jane is quick to offer a rebuttal: "We'll see."

CBS will release a shorter promo following this Sunday's episode.

Who do you think are the seven likely suspects?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter.


  1. Brett Partridge, Virgil Minelli, Gale Bertrum,Walter Mashburn, CBI Ron,Brett Stiles,There the only six I can think of I do think Van Pelt is a little shady When she and Jane first met she had a funny look on her face also she gives him nasty glances and always ask,s the others what Jane thinks but never asks Jane himself.

  2. Minha lista é Linus Wagner, JJ Laroche(ainda desconfio dele, apesar de que RJ não faria só o que JJ fez com seu inimigo), Robert Kirkland, Bret Stiles, Brett Partridge, Ray Hoffner e o sétimo seria o padre que esteve na fazenda na década de 80, muito sinistro... pra mim são os prováveis Red John.

    Os que eu descartaria, Virgil Minelli e Walter Marshburn, o segundo se for para a lista de Jane, é somente uma jogada Jisbon de Bruno Heller.

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