Thursday, April 25, 2013

|SPOILER| Matt's Inside Line: How will The Mentalist surprise Lisbon?


Anything new on The Mentalist‘s finale? Thanks! – Luiza
As promised, the first Q that landed in the new emailbox gets an answer. So, Luiza, you probably heard how Jane is going to narrow down the Red John suspect pool to seven people in the May 5 finale. Well, wait until you see Lisbon’s reaction when he gives her the first name!

Source: TV|Line.


  1. That suggests that the first suspect name is Walter Mashburn. She'd have had a strong reaction to him considering her thing with him

  2. Has anyone else noticed how much they ve downplayed Janes "powers" this season? I don't think I've seen a single instance of hypnotism or power of suggestion. The realism while laudable makes it less fun. :(

  3. Didnt he hypnotizd that soldier? Well, kind of... to help him with his nightmares... and I thought he hypnotized some other people. I dont remember. But ive noticed they have been involving more cbi shrnts helping jame out more... which I kinda like. And maybe they wanted to show how distracted amd obsessive jane has been with red john this season.. and he is supposedly still drinking tea with that drug too.,

  4. Brett Partridge , Bertrum, Minelli,Styles, Walter there 5 of my favourites I'm still not sure about Van Pelt though she keeps giving Jane dirty looks may be wrong! I think Sook's comments about the tea are abit of a worry is all this just Janes illusions that we're watching hope not I'd feel a bit cheated or could it be messing his judgements happy watching x

  5. That would be an amazing slow play story arc if so by writers but as I havent seen it mentioned or observed upon, I believe that production considered it too much of a dues ex machina and have opted to make it more low key. They have seemed to be showcasing his slight of hand more tho. Man can Righetti be any more pregnant? Lol its cute they try so hard to mask it but she is a WALL. Congrats to her and hers